Reliable and easy testing of messaging routes with Texter

No more white listing, test on live nodes globally

How can you ever really guarantee the quality of messaging routes when you’re dealing with fake DLR’s, grey routes and “white listed” test nodes? Use Texter for a new way of testing. The new SMS test tool Texter will resolve these issues for you. Aggregators and operators can evaluate their messaging routes by sending test messages to our worldwide community of users with real mobile devices. Texter provides detailed reports of the test that can be used to improve the quality of SMS messaging.

Texter benefits

Discover the benefits of Texter

Minimum white listing

In our community of live nodes, people join and leave, which makes white listing nearly impossible. The use of our ID code is also hard to grasp for current algorithms.

Easy implementation

The Texter API is software you can easily implement into you current system. It gives you the opportunity to test your routes from within your own software environment

Global coverage

The community is nicely spread all over the world, covering most important countries and providers. Every day, new users worldwide join our community.


No need to adjust your system to fit ours. Send test messages yourself and receive the DLR without our interference. Use the DLR and Texter reports to analyse and compare.

In-house development

All software we use to test your messages is build by our own developers. So if you have any requests contact us so we can optimise our system to fit your needs

24/7 Support

Texter has customers worldwide. Therefore our crew is online 24/7/365. We monitor our network and all the services used by our customers.

The Texter concept

Texter SMS testing flow

Our Testing Suite

Route Quality Testing
  • Check alternative routes
  • Periodic testing
  • Incidental testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Grey route testing
Message Quality Testing
  • Operational testing
  • Keep alive testing
  • Conversion data
  • Fake DLR testing
  • Latency testing
Content Quality Testing
  • Characters
  • Unicode
  • Sender (Short/Numeric/Alpha)
  • Concatenated
  • SMSC
Inbound Testing
  • Test inbound numbers
  • Test shortcodes
  • Support for Premium SMS