Frequently Asked Questions

What is Texter?

Texter is a SMS Testing tool that has live nodes in order to minimize the “white listing” of numbers. By using the Texter companies can test the SMS Routes and make sure to provide high quality routes to their customers.

Who can use Texter?

Texter is a solution suitable for aggregators, MNO`s and any other company that has a need to test the quality of SMS Routes.

How does Texter work?

Texter is an API based solution. Once you have our API integrated in your system, you can ask for a test in a country and a specific MNO and we will provide you with a number available for a test. Once you conduct the test we will provide all necessary information so you can decide whether the quality of the route is of good quality.

How do I get started?

In order to use the Texter you need to send us a request. Once our team processes the request you can integrate the Texter API and we will provide you with a product token that will enable you to start using the Texter and test SMS Messages. Upon registration you’ll receive 100 complementary test credits.

How can I implement the Texter solution?

In case you have any further questions about technical implementation feel free to contact us.

Do you have a prepaid and postpaid model for using the service?

At the moment we have postpaid model available based on volume of tested messages. For more details please visit the product page.

What is the coverage of the Texter Community?

Since the Texter is a SMS Testing tool using real nodes the coverage is changed from time to time. As the testing community is changing you can also track it real time on our coverage webpage where you can find details about the countries we have available, the MNO`s per country and test numbers per country.