Texter detects grey routes and minimizes whitelisting

Every telco company faces common problems such as grey routes and fake DLR’s. That’s why we introduced Texter: a new way of testing SMS routes which enables you to detect grey routes and minimise whitelisting. That’s because Texter consists of a community of live nodes you can use to test SMS routes worldwide. To explain a bit more how it works, we’ve answered some of our frequently asked questions below:

1) How does Texter’s SMS test tool minimises white listing, fake DLR’s and grey routes?

Whitelisting and grey routes are growing problems for operators. The more grey routes are used, the more money operators lose. To illustrate, Mobilesquared estimates that as much as 65% of the A2P market is operated as grey route traffic. Also, by repeatedly using the same numbers for testing SMS routes as most testers do, for example by using SIM boxes, whitelisting is inevitable. This means you cannot gain trustworthy test results without using random live nodes. Moreover, Texter uses a unique way of testing that’s hard to detect for aggregators, making it harder to detect testing thus further limiting the chance of whitelisting.

2) What are live test nodes?

To minimise white listing, Texter uses a community of live nodes. These live nodes are real people all over the world who have installed Texter’s consumer app. This app allows end-users to earn money in return for receiving test messages. This way, they get paid for allowing you to test the quality of your destinations. Because of the fact that Texter’s test nodes are real people and the numbers are dynamically changing due to app (un)installs, the risk of whitelisting is reduced to an absolute minimum.

3) What is Texter’s current coverage?

Texter aims to have as many app installs as possible by users worldwide, and we are already well on our way to covering all countries. On our website, you can always find our current coverage. At this moment, the Texter community consists of 1850 users, covering 137 countries and 383 operators. Texter’s team of marketing specialists ensure that the worldwide coverage of users is growing daily.

4) What can I test with Texter?

The live nodes of Texter can be used to test route quality, message quality and content quality. For route testing, you can check for route approval and grey routes. This can be done both periodically and once-off. When testing the message quality, you can think of operational testing, DLR testing, latency testing and keep alive testing. For the content, you can test all characters, encoding and concatenated messages. You can also test multiple sender IDs.

5) What results can I get from the test?

You determine which results you want to receive and analyse. These can be:

  • Text body
  • Sender (Short/Numeric/Alpha)
  • Time received
  • Unicode
  • Concatenation
  • SMSC (operator which delivered the text)

We can imagine you have more questions about Texter. We are more than happy to tell you more. Please contact us here.