Testing the quality of your SMS routes
has never been this easy

Texter SMS testing flow

How can you ever really guarantee the quality of messaging routes when you’re dealing with fake DLR’s, grey routes and “whitelisted” test nodes?

The new SMS test tool Texter, will resolve these issues for you. Consumers worldwide can install our app, allowing them to make a little money in return for letting aggregators and operators use their phone as a live testing node. Phones all over the world can be used to test messaging routes and guarantee the best quality of SMS messaging.

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Getting tired of your test nodes
being whitelisted?

How does it work

If you want to test a destination, we will provide you with a phone number of a test node in the country for the operator you choose. You will receive the phone number and ID code. You can then send a test message, starting with the ID code and the desired text to the given phone number. After delivery, you will receive a report from Texter, containing all the information we’ve gathered from the phone for you to compare with the DLR from the operator or to check the quality of the message.

Check out our coverage
we are all over the world

Your benefits
Minimize white listing

In our community of live nodes, people join and leave, which makes white listing nearly impossible. The use of our ID code is also hard to grasp for current algorithms.

Easy implementation

The Texter API is software you can easily implement into you current system. It gives you the opportunity to test your routes from within your own software environment

Global coverage

The community is nicely spread all over the world, covering most important countries and providers. Every day, new users worldwide join our community.


No need to adjust your system to fit ours. Send test messages yourself and receive the DLR without our interference. Use the DLR and Texter reports to analyse and compare.

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Meet our community

We are always targeting new users for our app to join the Texter community. For every provider all over the world we want to have at least 3 users with a maximum of 10. This makes the coverage dense and flexible. Our users get paid for every text message they receive so they can make some money while you test the quality of your routes. Because some users might leave the community and others join, the risk of “white listing” is reduced to a minimum. This is a big advantage compared to conventional methods.

Easily implemented and non-invasive to your server park

We want to make testing as easy as possible. That’s why we choose to let you send the message yourself. This non-invasive integration means that you can start testing quickly and we don’t need to know which routes you are testing. We understand that this information is critical to your company. You don’t need to implement anything on our system just implement the API on yours, that’s it.

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